Artistic training

She finished her musical studies in 2003, specialising in viola, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música "Rafael Orozco", in Córdoba, her home town. Anatolie Jitcov, member of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Córdoba, will be the one who will conduct her training in the last years.

Throughout her academic training, she has also taken numerous advanced courses with musicians such as Alan Kovacs, Laura Klugherz and Dennis Neil Parker, among others.

After obtaining a higher degree in musical studies, specialising in viola, she continued to perfect and enrich her training in Europe with various renowned violists such as Yuko Inoue, David Takeno, Richard Cabtree, Françoise Nery and Jürgen Kusmau. In Spain, she also continues under the supervision of Igor Sulyga and after being awarded a scholarship for 5 years by the "Cursos Universitarios e Internacionales de Música en Compostela" where she specializes in the Spanish repertoire written for viola and chamber music, she continues her studies of viola and Spanish repertoire under the guidance of the prestigious Spanish violist Enrique Santiago, who lives in Germany.

Afterwards, she took a Master's degree in performance and musical research at the International University of Valencia (VIU), specialising in genre musicology. For his Master's thesis, he travelled to England and the USA, researching the figure of the violist and composer Rebecca Clarke.

She is currently a member of the Spanish association "Mujeres en la Música".

Performing and violist work

She took part in the first National Viola Congresses in Oviedo and was a co-founding member of the Spanish Association of Friends of the Viola (AESAV).

She performs chamber music, gives recitals with piano and participates as a violist in different ensembles such as the "Ausdruck Trio" or the "Cuarteto Galuppi", among others, giving concerts in Spain and other European countries.

Her interest in rescuing and making visible the figure of women in music has led her to participate in musical projects with this theme, such as meetings of women of Eastern and Western music. Currently, with the trio Luz sonora, she performs Ibero-American women composers who are unknown today. She also highlights the premieres of works by current female composers in order to extend the knowledge of these contemporary musics.

She has performed as a violist in groups of popular musical styles or historical traditions such as Klezmer music, with the group Yomuri, mixed in turn with "la maquina flamenca : Carmen", reggae fusion, with the group Orígenes, world music, with the group Baobabia. She has also participated in concerts and has received training in Andalusian, Sephardic, Flamenco and Cuban music, among others.

In orchestral and symphonic music, since the beginning of her academic training, she has actively collaborated with orchestras such as the Youth Orchestra of Malaga, the Liceo Orchestra of Cordoba, the City of Leganes Orchestra, the Bucharest Symphony Orchestra and the Cordoba Symphony Orchestra.

He has collaborated in recordings of soundtracks for short films such as "El húmedo aroma de la tierra" and "Relojes de Arena"; in recordings of disc-books such as Música y palabras, creaciones para la Interculturalidad, in recordings of discs such as "Inventarse el mundo", by the group Estirpe, among others.

Teaching and pedagogical work

Her teaching work spans 19 years of experience as a viola teacher in the Consejería de Educación de la Junta de Andalucía, where she is a career civil servant, obtaining the number one position in her promotion.

In addition to her teaching work, she devotes special attention to research and educational innovation. These interests focus on areas complementary to music, such as pedagogy and educational and musical psychology.

Since 2006, she has worked as a co-educator in the music conservatories where she has worked, promoting gender equality through music teaching.

Other concerns and training

In addition to all her musical and pedagogical work, she researches in other areas of knowledge, which deepens her holistic approach to teaching.

Among other studies, she is certified as a Hatha yoga teacher RYS 200, by Yoga Aliance.

From a very young age she has travelled to more than 30 countries from America to Asia, making musical visits, including Cuba, Morocco and the Ukraine.


Official Youtube channel of the violist Esperanza Mohedo Pérez where you will find a compilation of concerts, video clips and recordings of the different musical styles she plays, as well as her musical adaptations.

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